The next step into a golden success story is done.

June 2018 – KaratCoin Bank, the licensed bank and the world’s first cryptocurrency bank is established in Miami which has 100 million USD share capital;
July 2018 – Mobile app to manage the gold-covered payment system is created;
August 2018 – Goldmine in Madagascar providing gold reserves of 900 million EUR is bought;
September 2018 – The 1st deposit of 135 kg pure gold is laid down;
October 2018 – The KaratGold Coin Cryptocurrency Exchange to be opened;
December 2018 – Listing of coin on more major exchanges, such as Coinsuper and HitBTC; number of acceptance partners to be increased over 540.000.
By 2020 – Market capitalization will reach 500 million USD.
Only a few months have passed since the ICO was completed. Development rates and perspectives are quite impressive, aren’t they?

KaratGold Coin ICO is perfectly completed now, which confirms the fact that nothing is as reliable and prosperity-guaranteed as gold.
Congratulations to all ICO participants and thank you for your trust.

KaratGold Coin ICO has raised over 100 million USD becoming one of the largest in the history. We went further – we created our own APP Wallet – so you can send and receive Ethereum & KBC tokens instantly with anyone in the world.
In case you’ve missed the chance to take part in the ICO, feel free to join our success story by purchasing KBC on major exchanges.

We don’t dream the future, we create our future already now.



Why Become A Customer – Why Become An Affiliate (Earn By Telling Friends)

  • World First Crypto Bank
    • Miami KaratCoin Bank
    • Hong Kong KaratCoin Bank Branch
  • #1 gold-based Blockchain currency
  • 480,000+ customers
  • 120 countries have bought gold bars from Karatbars GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Customers Investments Nearly 120 million USD
  • Karatbit Exchange
  • Blockchain Phone
  • ATMs
  • Smartphone APP 

ICO Backed by Gold!
Rather than releasing an ICO backed by just an idea, KaratGold (KBC, KCB) has released an ICO backed by solid gold. KaratGold Coin is the most relevant Cryptocurrency Backed By Gold.

KaratGold (KBC, KCB) is a huge opportunity to get in early on something that can be potentially huge!

Become A Customer Or Earn By Becoming an Affiliate

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