(Karatbars International CEO Harald Seiz  and Anja Verhees Founder of Crypto KBC)

About Us

We are a team of business individuals who saw an opportunity and want to spread it to as many people as possible.

When we saw Karatbars we felt it was special. But when we did our due diligence and massive hours of research we saw something that was unique, unmatched in the industry and something that we could tell millions about confidently.

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From AI to Internet of Thing(IoT) to Blockchain Technology in this day and age you must be involved in one of them or all. With the emergence of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency we made a paradigm shift to them since we were early adopters of the technology and payment method.

Anja Verhees

(Marvin Steinberg Karatbars International Creator and Anja Verhees Crypto KBC)

Our goal is to share our knowledge to the masses so everyone can benefit. We look forward to talking to you and us growing together creating wealth, opportunity and a better society.

If have any question please feel free to Contact Us

Anja Verhees

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